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Being one of the largest sports games in the world and definitely the biggest American Football strategic and management game there is just so much information on Madden NFL that readers surely find interesting. That’s why I thought to share some tidbits and gems you may find interesting when wanting to learn more about this excellent game. Let’s get started!

  • There are 33 (!) Platforms where you can play this game. This is absolutely alone standing and it’s certainly something that further helps the game to continue its successful career. The fact that Madden is not exclusive to any platforms make it playable all over the world. These include: Nintendo, PS4, Xbox, Android (mobile), iTunes (mobile), Facebook, Windows, Mac platforms and Google Play.
  • With its 7 million fan base this game has the highest number of forums: do you want to learn some cheats, tricks, share some ideas or go to a specialized forum for the mobile game and share some madden mobile coin hack websites? There are tons of forums where you can go to, however I’d advise you to try to stick with the larger official ones.
  • The current number of madden mobile cheats is surpassing 100. These are not hacks as such, because they don’t brake rules. They are rather tricks you can do to be more effective during the game. While some involve the cutting out of specific actions, others rather tell you about achievements and prices which are lesser known especially for those who just recently started to play with the game.
  • The game is one of the most successful computer games in the whole world! Having sold over 100 million copies (lifetime) this number exceeds the population of the largest countries in Europe: including UK, Germany or France.
  • Did you know that the game has its very own Madden Bowl that’s played by invited professional footballers during the Super Bowl Weekend?
  • Did you know that the game’s graphics have become so popular and their design is so outstanding that the real life NFL is also using it in their own commercials?
  • Did you know that 3 of the cover athletes of Madden NFL are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Indeed first being John Madden himself, followed by Barry Sanders and Marshall Faulk. As for the rest of the covers they include 6 successful quarterback and other 6 popular runner backs with 102 pro bowl appearances combined? This is a big deal!

Although there is much place for applying all sorts of cheats and tricks in order to gain prices and extra money and these are much discussed on the forums, when it comes to further Madden NFL mobile hacks (mostly geared towards getting madden dollars or other finances) there are alone standing websites from where you can almost automatically upload money onto your own game. Of course, this sounds great but do not upload all too much money in your game all at once, as it can hurt the whole integrity of your current settings and management mode.

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